Market Menu

Skittles (Original, Wild Berry, and Sour) $1.50
Starburst $1.50
18ct Sour Extreme $1.50
M&M’s (Regular & Peanut) $1.50
Nutty Buddy $1.50
Kit Kat $1.50
Reece’s $1.50
Twix $1.50
Hershey’s $1.50
Hershey’s Cookies and Cream $1.50
Snickers $1.50
Lays Variety Mix (Barbecue, Cool Ranch, Org. Fritos, Nacho Doritos, Crunchy Cheetos, and Lays Classic) $1.50
Lays Bold Mix (Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos, Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos, Spicy Nacho Doritos, Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream, and Fritos Chili Cheese) $1.50
Flamin Hot Mix (Cheetos, Doritos, Funyuns, and Hot Fries) $1.50
Cheez-It Snap’d (Double Cheese and Cheddar Sour Cream and Onion) $1.50
Taki’s Fuego $1.50
Jack Links Beef Sticks $1.50
Honey Bun $1.50
Frosted Strawberry Poptarts $2.00
Oatmeal Cream Pie $1.50
Act II Popcorn $2.00
Hot and Spicy Beef Ramen $3.00
Pillsbury Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.00
Duchess Powdered Donuts $1.50
Nabisco Variety (Oreo, Golden Oreo, Chips Ahoy) $1.00
Icee Variety $1.00
Oreo Ice Cream $2.00
Kit-Kat Drumstick $2.00
Fat Boy (Ice Cream Sandwich) $2.00
Fat Boy (Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich) $2.00
Ice Cream Drumstick $2.00
Outshine Bar (Fruit Style Popsicle) $2.00
Snicker’s Ice Cream $2.00
Washing Powder $2.00
Soap $2.00
Shampoo $2.00
Deodorant $2.00
Toothpaste $2.00
Toothbrush $2.00
Bodywash $2.00
Lipton Half Tea/Half Lemonade $2.00
Gold Peak Sweet Tea $2.00
Premier Protein (Chocolate and Vanilla) $3.00
Soda: Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Starry Lemon Lime, Mug Root Beer, Crush Orange (available in soda machine) $2.25
Gatorade: Red, Blue Yellow (available in soda machine) $2.25
Aquafina Bottled Water (available in soda machine)
Poster Board $1.00
Package of Markers $8.00
Package of Paint Markers $10.00
APPAREL & MERCHANDISE (apparel photos posted below)  
Baseball Tee $7.00
Navy and Yellow Ringer Tee (M, L, XL) $17.00
Navy and Yellow Ringer Tee (2Xl, 3XL) $20.00
White and Blue Tee (M, L, XL) $17.00
White and Blue Tee (2XL, 3XL) $20.00
Red and Black Dri-Fit Shirt (M, L, XL) $20.00
Red and Black Dri-Fit Shirt (2XL, 3XL) $22.00
Red/Blue Long Sleeve Shirt (M, L, XL) $20.00
Red/Blue Long Sleeve Shirt (2Xl, 3XL) $22.00
Blue Shirt w/ White Rings on Sleeve (M, L, XL) $20.00
Blue Shirt w/ White Rings on Sleeve (2XL, 3XL)
Extra Delegate Shirt (M, L, XL) $7.00
Extra Delegate Shirt (2Xl, 3XL) $10.00
Hoodie (M, L, XL) $30.00
Hoodie (2XL) $32.00
Trucker Cap $10.00
Water Bottle (Red/Blue) $7.00
Tumbler $30.00
2×2 Sticker $1.00
Pennant $3.00
Wristband (Red/Blue) $1.00


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