Saturday was the first day at UCA for our counselors. Sunday was the first day at UCA for our delegates, and I think I can speak for all of my fellow counselors when I say that Sunday is our favorite day of the week.  Sunday is so full of new opportunities, new perspectives, and new friendships. As counselors we get to meet 80 young men on Sunday. We get to meet these young men that will shape our lives throughout the week, and hopefully whose lives we can have a hand at shaping as well. Us counselors love Sunday, because it’s a mark of new beginnings. We love Sunday because it’s the start of the week that we look forward to every year.

On Sunday, 618 delegates from across the state made the pilgrimage to the HPER Center on UCA’s campus. They checked-in with their counselors, they received their iconic Boys State T-shirts, and they moved into their new homes for the week. On Sunday we began the week that shapes a lifetime, and we could not be more excited to just what this week will hold.

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