REGISTRATION for High Schools

Our local high schools are a key part to Arkansas Boys State and the transforming of lives for our young men. We ask that these schools send us their best and brightest: leaders on the field and in the classroom, mature, beaming with potential, and ready to shape the future of our state.

Arkansas Boys State 2021 will be hosted virtually May 30 – June 4. Click here to learn more.

A message from the director:

Dr. Lloyd Jackson, executive director of Arkansas Boys State, provides insight on the delegate selection and registration process. Check out this short video before you begin the registration process for your high school.

High School Registration Link

Report how many students you will send to Arkansas Boys State, their names, and their contact information by March 12.

For best results, please access registration via Google Chrome or Firefox. 

Check your students' registration status

Wondering whether or not if your students have completed their registration? Click below to see a list of students who have successfully completed their part of the registration process. Don’t forget: Your students must complete registration by March 31. 

Submitting Payment:

With the registration deadline passed, schools can now begin submitting payment for Arkansas Boys State. Below are the steps of how to complete that process.


    1. Log into the Payment Form linked to the right. Use the login information you used when completing the School Registration Form.
    2. Enter your information and the names of the students for whom you’re submitting payment. This allows us to cross-reference with their registration entry so that we can mark their registration as completed.
    3. You’ll be asked to review the information you provided to ensure accuracy. Please double-check this information; we want to make sure your payment ends up with your students.
    4. In the shopping cart, select “Pay in Full” if you’re paying with a credit card, and select “Pay Offline” if you’re paying with a check.
        • If you’re paying with a credit card, you’ll be asked to input your payment information.
        • If you’re paying with a check, you’ll be sent to the receipt confirmation page.
When is the payment deadline?

The deadline to submit payment for Arkansas Boys State 2021 is April 30. We encourage schools to complete payment sooner than the deadline to ensure timely completion of your registration process.

Do I pay via check or credit card?

Payment can be submitted via check or credit card, whichever you prefer. Either way, you’ll need to submit the Payment Form on our website to report which method you’ll be using.

If you’re paying via check, please make the check out to Arkansas Boys State. Then, send that check to:

American Legion Department Headquarters
PO Box 3280
Little Rock, AR 72203

What if I need an invoice?

If your school requires an invoice to complete the payment process, use the form linked below to request an invoice. Please allow our team approximately 48 hours to process your invoice request.

Click here to request an invoice

What should I do if I'm working with an American Legion Post to pay?

If you’ve partnered with your local American Legion Post, which has agreed to sponsor your students’ attendance at Arkansas Boys State, you have two options:

    1. You can ask the Post to pay your school directly for the number of students they’ve agreed to sponsor. Once your school has that money secured, you can complete the payment on behalf of your school via our payment process. 
    2. You can ask the Post to complete the payment process themselves. In the same way that schools can log into the Payment Form, select delegates, and select a payment method, Posts can do the same. Instructions for Posts to complete payment are posted on their webpage on our website

When is Arkansas Boys State?

We’ll be in session May 30 – June 4, 2021 — virtually due to COVID-19. This year marks the 80th session of our program. Learn more about COVID-19 impacts on our program:

How much does it cost?

Tuition for the virtual program is $100 per delegate — an incredible value that allows us to equip delegates with the iconic Arkansas Boys State merchandise, program resources, and a high-quality virtual experience.

Who should I send to Arkansas Boys State?

Traditionally, our schools send their best and brightest male juniors who will are preparing for their senior year of high school. That’s certainly who you should nominate for our 2021 program.

Because our 2020 program was canceled, we’re also opening registration to students who would have attended in 2020 — male students in the graduating class of 2021. You will register these students just how you register your other students: via the High School Registration Link. When you’re reporting their names, you’ll be asked to report their graduation year, and that is how we’ll distinguish between the two groups of delegates. If you registered students in 2020 before our program was canceled, you will still need to register those students for 2021.

More questions about who to send to Arkansas Boys State? Contact our staff for more information:

Registration Deadlines:

March 12

Report nominated student names and contact information.

March 31

Make sure your students are registered in our portal.

April 30

If you’re paying for your students’ attendance, payment is due.

Registration Steps:

Step 1:

Nominate your best and brightest young men to attend. Report their names and contact information in our system by February 26 using the High School Registration Link.

Step 2:

Make sure your nominated students keep an eye out on their email inboxes. We will send them registration information via email in early March.

Step 3:

Make sure that your nominated students have completed their registration by March 31.

Step 4:

Make sure payment — whether your school, a local American Legion Post, or business is sponsoring — by April 30.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the two registration links to which I have access?
High School Registration Link: You will use this link to register in our system and report the names and contact information of the students you are sending to Arkansas Boys State.

Payment Link: You will use this link to confirm the names of the students you are sending and complete payment for their registration — either via the online portal or via check. We’ll use this information to verify the delegates’ school status and confirm their registration is paid.

How does payment work?
The cost of delegate tuition for Boys State is $100. This includes a life-changing leadership and personal development experience and the iconic Arkansas Boys State merchandise and program resources mailed to each delegate. We don’t want our delegates to take on the expense of attendance. In most cases, the sponsoring school or local American Legion Post pays for students to attend Boys State.

Once you have determined how tuition will be covered for your delegates, you will use the Payment Link to complete payment. You will indicate, via that link, if you’re paying online or via check. If you’re paying online, you will do it directly via that link. If you’re paying via check, you’ll be given instructions on how to do so.

If a local American Legion Post is paying, they can also use the Payment Link to indicate the delegate they’re paying for and how they intend to process that payment.

What if I don’t have 100% of the funds to send my students to Arkansas Boys State?
If your school does not have all of the funds to send your students to Arkansas Boys State, you have a number of options:

  • Contact your local American Legion Post. As our partner organization, many Posts sponsor their local students to attend.
  • Reach out to your local businesses. In most cases, we’ve found that the community will support their delegates. Even if they cannot, they might be able to help you find another local sponsor or business.
  • Individual donors can sponsor delegates to Arkansas Boys State, too.
  • If you still cannot find any other supporting funds, we encourage you to call our American Legion Headquarters at 501-375-1104. Ultimately, we don’t want a selected delegate to not attend Arkansas Boys State because of the registration fee alone.
How do I know what my students' responsibilities are in this process?
If you’d like to understand what your students have to complete as a part of their registration process, you can visit their registration page to learn more.

Click here to visit the Delegate registration page. 

How many students can my school send to Arkansas Boys State?
There is no quota on how many students your school can send to our program. We ask that you send as many eligible students as you see best represent your school — and that you can secure funding for.

Questions about registration?

We’re happy to assist with any questions and concerns you have throughout the registration process. Contact us using the information below.

Are you the primary contact for Arkansas Boys State at your school but you are not receiving our updates? Click below to subscribe to our updates.

Partnering with a local American
Legion Post?

Many of our participating schools work together with their local American Legion post to fund parts of the registration process: funding, recruitment, and more.

Recruitment materials:

Promotional Fliers

Looking for some information to post around your campus to promote Arkansas Boys State? We’ve created a package of informational fliers promoting the program for you to print and distribute around campus.

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