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Arkansas Boys State 2023: May 28 - June 2









The Arkansas Boys State Staff hosted an orientation via Zoom to share details about the program and how to prepare. If you missed it, click the link below to watch a recording.

Apply for the samsung scholarship

Delegates to Arkansas Boys State are eligible for The Samsung Scholarship. Applications must be submitted by online prior to May 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Read the delegate handbook

The Delegate Handbook will be your guide to success during the week. The handbook includes program details, schedules, election procedures, and more. Click below to access a PDF of the handbook.


Check-in begins at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 28, at the University of Central Arkansas. Check-in ends at 2:30 p.m. Plan your travels accordingly. Arrival instructions will be shared via email prior to check-in. Click below for directions to UCA.

view delegate assignments

You will be assigned to a mock county, city, and political party, which are the groups with which you’ll spend your week. You will also be assigned to a School of Instruction. View your assignments by clicking below.


What should I pack?

Here’s what you should pack for Arkansas Boys State:

  • Bedding for a twin-sized bed (Beds at UCA are twin XL, but standard twin sheets will work, too.)
  • Toiletries and towels
  • Clothing
    • Two Arkansas Boys State shirts given to you, and more are available for purchase at check-in for $5 each.
    • Athletic / khaki shorts or jeans
    • Raincoat
    • Swim trunks (optional for recreation)
    • Laundry is available in the dorms, and you’re welcome to bring laundry detergent to do laundry during the week.
  • Quarters for filing fees to run for office
  • $20 key deposit for dorm room, refunded at end of the week

Students are welcome to bring snacks to have in their dorm room.

What am I prohibited from bringing with me?

No television sets, refrigerators, computers, video games, or video cameras. Cell phones are allowed but only during designated times. Our policy for this is similar to most schools. The phone will be taken up and the delegate may get it back from the Executive Director.

Will I have an opportunity to buy extra supplies?

Yes, extra t-shirts, toiletries, pens, stationery, campaign material, and snacks can be purchased during canteen breaks. Regular meals will be furnished three times daily at the cafeteria.

Can I drive myself?

Yes, if you drive your own vehicle, you must park in a designated area and give the keys to your Senior Counselor until time of departure. You will not be allowed to leave the premises at any time without proper approval and chaperoning. It’s important to park your car in the designated areas. Ask your Senior Counselor where to park upon arrival so as to avoid being towed.

What should I bring if I want to participate in band or choir?

If you play a flute, clarinet, alto or tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or mellophone, you will need to bring it with you to Arkansas Boys State. Percussion instruments will be provided for the week but you must bring your own sticks/mallets. Tubas, baritone saxophones and baritones are usually available.

Call 870-918-4211 for information concerning the availability of any instrument.

Arkansas Boys State Choir will be a part of the activities during the week for those who would like to sing. Delegates can be a member of both the Band and Choir. 

What is Merit Pages?

Merit Pages is the platform we use to publish and share delegate achievements during Arkansas Boys State. 

Here’s how it works: When you make an achievement at Arkansas Boys State (for example – being elected as your city’s mayor), we’ll post an achievement to your Merit page. This will look like a personalized news story about your achievement, and we’ll use these stories to promote your success on social media and in your community.

Your parents, community newspaper, school, and government officials will all receive a link to your achievement story, and they’ll be able to share it with family and friends and on social media to celebrate your success at Arkansas Boys State!

About your Merit page

– Think of it as an online portfolio and news site of your success at Arkansas Boys State.

– You can personalize your page with photos, academic and extracurricular activities, scholarships, achievements, work experience, and more.

– Your Merit page goes with you when you complete Arkansas Boys State, showing off your academic successes as you enter your senior year of high school and beyond.

Is there a daily dress code?

Delegates will wear their designated Arkansas Boys State t-shirt during each day of the program. They are welcome to wear shorts or pants, and comfortable shoes are recommended. 

Delegates are given two t-shirts each. Laundry is available throughout the week, and extra t-shirts are also available for purchase while supplies last. 

What will we have for food?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served each day in the Christian Cafeteria at UCA. This is a college cafeteria-style dining hall with several options. Delegates are also welcome to bring snacks and food to have in their dorm room. However, food delivery to campus is not prohibited. 

How much do extra shirts cost? Should I bring extra money?

Extra Arkansas Boys State t-shirts are available for purchase while supplies last. 

  • Size medium-XL: $7
  • Size 2XL and above: $10

A concession stand is also open each day, and students interested in purchasing snacks and supplies there should have extra cash on hand. 

What happens during recreation?

Recreation is hosted each day. Delegates have the opportunity to make recreation time what they wish: participate in sports, rest, connect with new friends, campaign for office, and more. 

Delegates choosing to participate in the sports offered — football, basketball, swimming, soccer, and ultimate frisbee — should plan to pack accordingly. 

Is this a military-style camp?

No, Arkansas Boys State is an educational camp that gives young Arkansans a better understanding of how elections and state government work in their state. You learn by doing in a mock state. From actually campaigning in a party primary to making sure that you get legislation passed that benefits your cities. By the end of Arkansas Boys State, you will have a better idea of how democracy works in a state and local government.


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