My experience at Boys State has been truly revolutionary. I have met countless new brothers from around the state, from cities and towns that I had not previously heard of. I have been thoroughly impressed with the organization of the entire event – not knowing what to expect coming in, but being blown away after I arrived.

While waking up early hasn’t been enjoyable, it has actually helped all of the guys and I bond. Elections, on the other hand are, in my opinion the most fun part of the program. Hearing speeches from the guys running is often both humorous and informative. It’s very fun to actually vote and participate in the Republican – Democracy of our great nation (even if it is just a mock state for this week).

The counselors are absolutely amazing as well. I can’t stress that enough. In just two days, the have already made us laugh and think deeply, and most importantly made us all feel welcome. I can already say that I love all the counselors and what they have done for me.

As for myself, I am running for governor, and I look forward to the challenge of leading this great state. I won’t forget my time spent here at UCA and Arkansas Boys State, and I couldn’t be more grateful for getting to experience so a wonderful program.

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