When I was a delegate at Arkansas Boys State in 2014 (Lane County for life!), I experienced the greatest friendships and the greatest minds I had ever witnessed in a group of young men. Those friendships and great minds fueled my desire to come back as a junior counselor.

As a junior counselor, my role is simple—serve the delegates and facilitate their success during the week. I simply put the blueprint in their hands, and they build their successes.

In my second year as a JC, I am always amazed at this idea, and I’m always amazed out how delegates take the lead on their county’s success. I’ve learned that these delegates want to lead, learn and grow, they just need guidance and a push to say, and “You can do it!”

At the end of the week, I’ll once again be blown away by the fact that these delegates came together as strangers, but left as family—family that takes pride in themselves and their nation and family that is yearning to lead.

I am beyond confident that we have the greatest minds here together this week at Arkansas Boys State, and these great minds, in just one short week, will grow into fearless and capable leaders that I trust to guide the future.

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